Núria Jornet Sala

Doctor of Physical Sciences.

Title of specialist in Hospital Radiophysics.

Physical sciences. Specialty: High energy physics

Hospital Radiophysics.

From the images of the prostate acquired in the chirofano, elaboration of the proposal of position of the radioactive seeds, later and during the implant update of the calculations of the distribution of doses according to the exact position of the seeds and the volume Prostatic (real-time planning). At the month of the implant dosimetric study (post-plan) for the final calculation of the dose administered to the prostate. As radioactive installation supervisor, I order and remove radioactive material, monitor the dosimetry of the personnel of the radioactive plant, and prepare annual reports for the Nuclear Safety Council.


Accredited by the Agency per a Qualitat of the University System to Catalunya (AQU) as reading teacher.

Director of the course “Quality management; Quality Assessment and Improvement “European Society of Radiation Oncology (ESTRO).

President of the physics committee of ESTRO.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Society of Medical Physics (SEFM)

Links: www.linkedin.com/in/nuria-jornet-a2783131


Núria Jornet

PhD Medical Physics

Adjunt Servei de Radiofísica i Radioprotecció Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Barcelona

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