Urologist graduated from the Instituto Docente de Urología, Carabobo´s University in Venezuela. Especialist in Minimun Invasion Surgery of the Urinary Sistem such as Endourologic Technics (acces through natural orificies, without wounds), Percutaneous Renal Surgery (Dr. Paul Escovar Fellowship, Venezuela) and Retroperitoneoscopia and Laparoscopic Technics (Dr. Flavio Santinelli Fellowship, Argentina).

Staff as urologist in several private institutes in Venezuela and in “Dr. Enrique Tejera” General Hospital, Valencia, Venezuela until 2008.

Clinical Andrologist of the European Academy of Andrology after fellowship at Fundació Puigvert, Barcelona, Spain, adding skills in medical and surgical management of sexual and fertility disorders (Penile Prosthesis Implants, Microscopic and reconstructive surgery of male and female reproductive sistem). Minimum Invasion Surgery Centre “Jesús Usón”, Cáceres, Spain.

Is also an active participant as speaker in different congress, scientific activities and member of several medical societies.

Actually develops his medical activity as Staff of the Urologic, Andrologic and Nefrologic Service of the Instuituto Medico Tecnológico and Instituto de Especialidades Prostáticas with Dr. Gilberto Chéchile, Barcelona, Spain.

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